The gorgeous landmarks of the Caribbean make one of the planet’s most scenic and plentiful sub-tropic regions an ideal destination for relaxation and adventure. With the vast amount of options available to the traveler we’ve decided to compile a list of some of our best things to do while you’re in the Caribbean, you will see that a variety of activities can be done with great ease whether traveling by air or by sea.

1. Explore underground rivers and giant caves at Rio Camuy Cave Park

Certainly, there is a lot to do in beautiful Puerto Rico, but diving into a cave as old as the western hemisphere? Take the Rio Camuy Cave Park and Arecibo Observatory from San Juan and enjoy the third largest underground river cavern system in the world.

2. Have a kayak adventure on the Bioluminescent Bay

The sparkling and glistening Bioluminescent Bay of Puerto Rico is a must-do! With beautiful florescent plankton lighting up the water, getting into this exotic and wondrous body of water should be a priority.

3. Experience a Zip Line ride through the tree tops in Saint Martin (French side of the island)

There are a lot of cool ways to explore Saint Martin, but perhaps the most exciting way is via zip line. An absolute adventure, the Loterie Farm Zip Line takes you on an aerial thrill-ride over a canopy of luscious trees.

4. Go snorkeling in the Bahamas

Worth the trip to the Caribbean in itself, the vast and majestic underwater world is thrilling to explore. For those that cannot quite bear a full scuba exploration, try the Nassau Snorkel Bahamas Adventure and swim in the famous reefs with the sharks.

5. Take flight on a sea plane

Seaplanes are a great way of getting round the islands and a seaplane trip need not be too expensive. Book up a few island hops and visit some of the more remote ones. If you can afford it why not hire a seaplane and pilot for the day and really find the places that are off the usual tourist beat.

6. Swim with dolphins – or sharks!

There is an interesting affinity between human beings and dolphins and there are many stories of dolphins saving the lives of swimmers who have attracted the attention of predatory sharks. In the Caribbean there is plenty of opportunity to get up close and personal and relate to these wonderful sea mammals. Swimming with dolphins is also supposed to be good for the soul, so why not give it a go?

If those dolphins were a little too tame for you, then why not up the ante and go diving with the sharks in the Bahamas? It is not for everyone as you need to be an experienced diver. You also need a reasonable amount of courage; these are not basking sharks but real man eaters; an experience not to be missed.

7. Learn to kite surf

Kite surfing is a spectacular sport and the basics can be learned in just a day. There are many kite surfing schools throughout the Bahamas where the conditions are world class. If kite surfing isn’t your form of extreme sport, you can always do windsurfing instead, again in the perfect setting of the Bahamas.

8. Visit the Montserrat Volcanoes

Montserrat is a spectacular island in itself, but a special feature is the chance to view an active volcano. The volcano erupted in 1995 after lying dormant for thousands of years and part of the island is buried under volcanic ash. It is now monitored from an observatory which you are able to visit and you can take boat tours around the volcano.

9. Visit Hell and send someone a postcard

One of Grand Cayman’s most unusual sightseeing opportunities is the tiny town of Hell. The town is named for its field of short, jagged limestone formations that apparently reminded its earliest settlers of descriptions of hell. Today you can send a postcard from Hell at the local post office or pick up a T-shirt from any of several gift shops.

With so much to do in the Caribbean and so little time to do it in, let Gulf Coast Travel World take you there. Choose from the handpicked hot spots of the tropics, from the whitest of sandy beaches to the depths of the plushest rain forests.

10. See the Pitons

The island of St. Lucia is a small, simply beautiful country with picturesque visions of pure tranquility located towards the center of the Caribbean chain. The Island is of volcanic origin which has its benefits. One of those benefit is the St Lucia Pitons.

The Pitons are majestic twin peaks called Gros Piton and Petit Piton which soar from the sea. These twin peaks are the only two of its kind in the world and have recently attained world heritage site status. The two Pitons on St. Lucia are the most photographed landmark on the island.

Gulf Coast Travels favorite Caribbean Islands to visit are St. Lucia and Grand Cayman!

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