Star Clippers operates three of the world’s largest and tallest sailing vessels. Visiting ports often untouched by larger cruise ships and offering passengers the activities, amenities and atmosphere of a private yacht, Star Clippers is recognized as one of the premier specialty cruise lines. The ships currently sail throughout the Caribbean, Mediterranean, the Baltic and Costa Rica.

A transatlantic crossing on a Tall Ship is the fondest dream of anyone who loves sailing. But unless you know how to chart a course by celestial navigation or scramble up a tall mast, your chances of realizing that dream were nil, until Star Clippers. Aboard Royal Clipper, Star Clipper or Star Flyer, you can know the thrill of traversing a great ocean under sail, without any skills or effort on your part. Imagine long lazy days at sea. The time-out-of-mind sensation of watching the water slip under the bow, of gazing at a horizon that is 360 degrees wide, of feeling the steadying power of sails as they capture the energy of the wind and thrust your ship through the vast expanse of ocean. In all the world, there is no experience as wonderfully renewing and invigorating. Make this your year for the ultimate in sailing. A Transatlantic crossing aboard Star Clippers.

*The Caribbean
The world you’ve discovered is a Caribbean unlike the one you’ll find on a cruise ship. It’s as if you had your own chartered yacht and could sail anywhere you wanted. Our ships sail to private places, protected anchorages in the British Virgin Islands. We explore lush, exotically beautiful islands like Dominica and St. Lucia, where jungle trails abound with sweet-smelling vanilla orchids and other wild-growing tropical flowers. A Star Clippers cruise is the perfect platform from which to launch diving adventures in the Tobago Cays, where the reefs are a marvel of colorful marine creations. Star Clipper’s Caribbean itineraries begin in St. Maarten. Her Treasure Islands voyage sails northward to the Leeward and the British Virgin Islands. Her Leeward Islands voyage ventures southward to Guadeloupe and Dominica, sampling the best of the Leeward Islands. Our flagship, Royal Clipper, sails from Barbados on alternating voyages to the Grenadines and the Windward Islands. The Caribbean venues where Star Clipper and Royal Clipper sail are famous for the glorious sailing weather, and every voyage promises the thrill of passagemaking under full sail.

* Costa Rica & The Panama Canal
A pair of scarlet macaws breaks out of the treetops and soars over a beach where the only tracks are those of last night’s nesting turtles. You ride your horse over the sands to a small stream where blue butterflies play over brilliant pink flowers. Sounds of jungle and surf are strangely intermingled. This is where rain forest and beach meet in Costa Rica’s Corcovado National Park, the day-glo tropical version of “Where the Wild Things Are.” But could any writer’s imagined fantasyland be as wondrous as this?

The Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is shaped like a giant crab with two great claws. Within this wide embrace lies a natural paradise so dazzling and diverse that it defies any adequate description. With 9,000 higher plant species, 850 bird species, hundreds of frogs and reptiles and 10 percent of all mammals on earth, today it is human visitors who find welcome refuge.

From the stunning volcanic peaks of Nicaragua down to the rustic scenery of Panama, Central America’s breathtaking beauty allows you to just sit, stand, lie or look in any direction and watch nature perform around you. Howler monkeys roam freely through the jungle canopy above while manta rays weightlessly glide through the waters below. Join us in a rare adventure of nature unbounded.

*Eastern Mediterranean
Justly famed for its sparkling capitals, ancient civilizations and cultured ambience, Royal Clipper’s Mediterranean is a world of mythical and tranquil seas, soaring mountains, medieval villages and sun-warmed beaches.

Seven-Night Cruises – Royal Clipper continues her sailings from Rome’s port of Civitavecchia, cruises that include sun-drenched Sicily, stops throughout the volcanic Aeolian Islands, the Italian Pontine Islands and routes along Italy’s romantic Amalfi Coast.

10 – & 11-Night Cruises between Rome & Venice – The Croatian Coast is an exciting sailing region for Royal Clipper. Put yourself in a magical place of ancient Roman ruins, idyllic ports and myth-making islands lost in time. Where tall cypresses, olive groves and hilltop villages remind you of Italian hill towns. Where dancing waters are dotted by white sails and thousands of islands spill like green jewels over the sea. And more precious treasures abound in medieval walled cities that have miraculously survived through centuries of attack and siege.

It is a country that is more sea than land, birthplace of generations of sailors and adventurers, including Marco Polo. Here fishermen still bring in the catch every day and seafood never sees a freezer before being served at your table! This is the enchanted Istrian and Dalmatian Coast of Croatia, and it is richly deserving of your discovery. Join us as we explore an unsurpassed enclave of the Adriatic Sea combining the best of the ancient and new, the alluring archipelagos and coastline of Croatia.

*Northern Europe
Feel the enchantment of the North. The snap of a sail and the scent of the sea on a summer’s day when dusk falls at midnight. Archipelagos where brightly painted holiday cottages cling limpet-like to rocky skerries. Richly saturated colors that seem to come from a Flemish master’s palette in landscapes that evoke medieval folklore and fairytales.

These are the sights and textures of Northern Europe, a multi-hued and layered tapestry that reaches out to be touched, explored and savored. From Germany and the Low Countries to the Baltic lands of the Vikings and the Eastern Empire of the Tsars, Northern Europe is a territory of vast and vivid variety.

Reaching into the heart of Northern Europe is the Baltic. It was the Vikings who first braved the crossing of these brackish waters, eventually finding their way to the Black Sea. Not content with just going east, they also sailed and rowed west and south on grand expeditions. Their longships were the fastest vessels on the water, and their Kings and captains were fearless.

Today Star Flyer will trace these extraordinary voyages, following the routes of those passionate explorers to storied lands and places. From the stunningly beautiful coastline of Norway to the culturally colorful minarets of St. Petersburg, sail for a three-night sampler or a longer journey where seven different countries grace the schedule of a single itinerary.

Along the way, our tall ship also will participate in celebratory sailing parades in Germany and embrace our Swedish sailing heritage. Join us in the thrilling experience of standing at the rail and passing by crowds of onlookers with all sails set and flags dipped in salute!

Today Star Flyer will trace the Vikings’ extraordinary voyages, following the routes of those passionate explorers to storied lands and places. Along the way, Star Flyer will also participate with other magnificent tall ships in celebratory sailing parades in the German ports of Kiel, Hamburg and Rostock (Warnemuende). And with great pride in our Swedish sailing heritage, we invite you to join Star Flyer’s Captain and crew in the thrilling experience of standing at the rail and passing by crowds of onlookers with all sails set and flags dipped in salute!

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